The Costa Concordia cruise liner still lies on it's side, snagged on huge jagged rocks, off the coast of  the Italian Tuscan island of Giglio.  Searchers confirm three more bodies were found in the wreckage.

The liner capsized after striking the reef while passing too close to the island many weeks ago in January.   Officials with the Italian Civil Protection Agency confirmed the victims were found on board.  They did not say where or how they were discovered.  This leaves four more passengers unaccounted for, and raises the death toll to 28, making it one of the more deadly cruise ship accidents in years.

   The fuel was finally pumped out of the massive tanks on the ship, and while steps have also been taken to secure the vessel,  no attempts have yet been made to lift or move the ship off the reef.  Officials say it could be 7-10 months, or even a year, before attempts are made to move the 114,00o plus ton vessel.   It could be cut up in pieces if efforts to "pull" it off the reef fail.  Officials fear doing that would cause it to sink, making salvage even more difficult.