You may have heard the story of Meow, the 37 lb. cat who was taken to an animal shelter because it's elderly owner could not longer car for him.

He was taken to the Sante Fe New Mexico animal shelter, where he was put up for adoption.   He is not the worlds heaviest cat, but is definitely in the top ten!    Veterinary experts have been attempting to help him lose weight, apparently he has dropped a couple of pounds.

  But Meow got to make an appearance on the Today Show, but in traveling from New Mexico to New York, he was given the pleasure of--you guessed it--a TSA Patdown!   Of all the rediculous things to happen,  a patdown?   Note that on the way there he was not searched, but was on the way back.  Maybe the TSA Agent just wanted to notoriety of being able to hold the largest known living cat in the US!

 How famous is Meow?  He has his own facebook page...check it out!