The Center for Medical Progress, despite extreme pressure from a public relations firm trying to squash the controversy facing Planned Parenthood over accusations of selling aborted fetal body parts, has released a 5th video.  This one, we must tell you, may contain content disturbing to some viewers.

The latest video details allegations of how intact aborted fetuses are considered "just a matter of line items" by Planned Parenthood.

A number of weeks ago, the Center released the first in a series of undercover videos, where Center personnel "interviewed" with officials from Planned Parenthood about potentially becoming involved in what is being called by some 'trafficking' of aborted fetal body parts.  While thousands of aborted babies are donated for medical research, it is against federal law to sell them for any amount.

These videos accuse Planned Parenthood of doing just that.  34 Washington state legislators have called for Attorney General Bob Ferguson to investigate Planned Parenthood in our state, 7 others have called for the state to cease all government funding of the group.

Courtesy of the Family Policy Institute of Washington state, the Center for Medical Progress and YouTube, here is the latest video.