The poll, conducted by NBC News by the Marist Corporation, also doesn't share the same view of the Commissioner as special interest groups do.

While the sporting experts on ESPN, FOX and other networks were spouting off about how Commissioner Roger Goodell should have been, or should be fired over the league's handling of various domestic violence issues,  fans have collectively yawned.

Mind you, they don't take domestic violence lightly.  But if you think Americans have joined in the chorus of "boos" from special interest groups calling for Goodell's scalp, or pressuring the league into "financial pain,"  guess again.

 According to the website Hot Air,  Americans are still watching, and frankly, getting tired of being preached at.

A recent NBC-Marist poll shows about 90% of Americans who classify themselves as football fans are not going to change their viewing habits in any way, shape, or form over this recent turmoil.

Bascially, as Rush said Friday on his show heard on Newstalk 870,   nobody cares.   All the prancing, preening and shouting by sports experts and special interest groups isn't going to convince them to quit watching football because some players have been behaving like jerks.

Some groups have called for boycotts of the NFL, viewing and games.   Not working. But does this mean people don't care about domestic violence?  NO.   But they're tired of their pasttimes and interests being attacked by certain groups.

Fans, however, are not happy with the way the NFL has handled domestic violence.  According again to Hot Air, the poll:

(The NBC-Marist Poll) " which also finds that a majority of Americans—including nearly six in 10 self-described football fans—say they disapprove of the way the NFL has handled the domestic-violence allegations.