The 911 Memorial was dedicated today in Kennewick, near the Southridge Sports Complex.  The memorial is made up of 3 steel beams that came from the upper floors of the World Trade Center.

The three beams were provided with necessary strengthening welds and treatments by Lampson International before being installed on a slab base just off the 395 freeway in Kennewick.  Thousands attended the ceremony at 1pm, and hundreds witnessed the procession up the highway to the site as the beams were brought in.  Nearly two years in the making, the memorial beams came from what officials say was probably above the 80th floor of one of the two towers at the WTC that collapsed; judging from the lighter grade of steel used to alleviate weight.   From here on out, visitors will also be able to read a brief history of the WTC, as well as 911 on a special placard at the site.  At night it will also be illuminated with special lighting.  We thank everyone who came by and participated in our 3,000 balloon salute for the 911 victims with Newstalk 870.