After Lawsuit, Feds Agree to New Vapor-Safety Testing at Hanford
Washington state officials announced Wednesday a lawsuit has been settled that will result in new and increased methods of detecting, capturing and neutralizing vapors from tanks at Hanford.
In 2015, the state of Washington sued the Department of Energy, saying not enough was being done to detect and…
This Weeks 'Grant County Roundup,' Cops Want to 'Meet' Them
Grant County Sheriff's have issued another of their 'Roundups,' a composite of a variety of folks they'd like to re-aquaint with.
These suspects are wanted for a variety of crimes, but officials urge don't contact them if you see them. Some don't have the nicest disposit…
When A U-Turn Ends Up As a 'Downturn'
Authorities remind drivers, when it comes to U-turns (and driving in general) pay attention.
Benton County Sheriff's responded to this single-car wreck near Prosser on North River Road Tuesday night.
It seems the driver was headed the wrong way, and attempted to make a U-turn, but didn't slo…

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