It's a miracle the two occupants even survived the crash!

KNDU-TV, our news partner, has released the first public images of a weekend accident in Yakima that sent two people to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Yakima police reported 22-year-old Jessica Comacho was speeding down Yakima Avenue at 86 miles per hour, when she lost control near South 14th. Avenue early Sunday morning.   She collided with several trees, effectively splitting the car into three pieces! Authorities said later they found parts of the car two blocks away.

Comacho, and her passenger, 35-year-old Homero Esquivel, were flown to Seattle.  Esquivel was said to have had life-threatening injuries, no update on his condition was available Monday.  Comacho is said to be in serious condition in the intensive care unit at Harborview.

Not surprisingly, Yakima police investigators said excessive speed and alcohol may have been contributing factors to the crash.

This photo of the car, courtesy of KNDU-TV, shows the vehicle after it was recovered from the scene.   It has NOT been cut apart or dismantled in any way.  This is how it looked when first responders arrived.

Police say it's a "miracle" the two even survived the accident.