As the story from Prison Planet reads,  'what if Ron Paul started Whites For Ron Paul...?

He would be raked over the coals as being racist.  Apparently Obama doesn't have a problem playing the race card.  Over the weekend, he announced the creation of a new organization called "African Americans for Obama."   Just in case you wondered if this was a product of his campaign team that he was 'not aware' of,  Obama himself appears in the promotional video.   He is pressuring voters by using the race card to support him, and also violates the separation of church and state by urging members of African Americans For Obama to pressure churches into supporting his administration and re-election. He calls upon voters to become what he calls "congregation captains."  This is perhaps his most blatant using of not only the race card, but religion.  It is ironic, in that just recently we have seen the firestorm of controversy over his treatment of the Catholic Church in his Administration's attempt to force them and other religions to adhere to his birth control policies and ideas.