We don't make these up; we just dig them up!

An Air Force base in Mansfield, Ohio, is one of a number of closures proposed by President Obama's Department of Defense budget cuts. It's also the same base where Air Force One is scheduled to land Wednesday for the president's campaign stop in that area.

To make matters funnier, Press Secretary Jay Carney (perfect last name, don't you think?) was not aware the Mansfield-Lahm Airpor that houses the 179th Airlift Wing of the Air National Guard is on a list of proposed closures should Obama get his way. The mission of the some 800 Guardsmen there would be eliminated with the cuts, according to the Mansfield News Journal newspaper.

During a press conference, Carney was pressed on the question by a reporter, who told him the Air Force One touchdown could be one of the last flights into the area if the cuts happen.

Air National Guard officials plan to position their C-27J transport planes in a prominent position so Obama will see them when he steps off the plane. Pretty funny that the air base where Obama is landing on a campaign stop to try to get people to vote for him is also on the list to be closed, potentially wiping out hundreds of jobs in the Mansfield area.

Carney's response to the reporter who kept pressing him on the issue?

"I’m not aware of even the policy implications or what issue this is"--Weekly Standard Online.