The FBI has issued new warnings and is closely studying an Al-Qaida website that today published a "hit list" of American politicians, business leaders, and locations, calling for terrorists to hit Americans in their own homes.

the FBI did not release the url address for the site, and while taking the details and information seriously, points out there is no way of knowing if this site is acting upon orders from Al-Qaida leaders, or if it's a splinter group or even individual.  What does have the FBI concerned is the website list contained 40 specific names, 26 of them pictured, and is calling for people to post their home addresses, if known.  Additional information is contained in the website, but the FBI refused comment.  Michael Balboni, the former New York State Director Of Homeland Security said that is the disturbing part; the extreme detailed information about many of the people on the "list" that is contained at the site.  Officials have a heightened security alert status for the US ever since the attack took place that took out Osama bin Laden.