The Benton County Sheriff's Office and local police are alerting the public about a sex offender who is apparently homeless.

65-year-old Alan Ray Reukoff is a Level-3 offender is listed as a transient in Benton County.

Originally convicted of first degree rape with force in California in 1983, he has also been arrested and convicted for failing to register as a sex offender in California in 1995, and in Benton County in 2011. While he is under Department of Corrections supervision, his status as a transient makes it more difficult to keep track of his exact whereabouts.

Reukauf has also gone by a host of other names including:

Ray Sloan, Travis Sloan, Ray Lee Baker, Ray Birch, Ray Edward Evan, Ray Edward Ferrel, George Greenspan, Ray Lee Holt, Ray David Evan, Albert Johnson, Alan Sloan, Al Smith, Ray Straus, and Raymond Strauss.

He is described as being about 5' 8" tall and 160 lbs, with a long gray scraggly beard.  According to the King County Sexual Assault Center,  Level 3 offenders generally possess the following characteristics (as they are deemed in Washington state):

  • Most have prior convictions for sex crimes, and often other criminal convictions
  • They tend to have predatory characteristics, and often seek out victims unknown to the offender.
  • They may have used violence in their life
  • These individuals have often refused or failed to complete approved sex-offender programs.
  • They are considered HIGHLY LIKELY to re-offend.