Some cities in the Pacific Northwest made Allstate's list of best or safest driving cities.

The insurance company just released it's 2013 results for the safest cities to operate a vehicle.  Based upon their own claim data,  national claim data, and figures from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Allstate compiled a list that shows the following criteria:

  • Collision Likelihood compared to national average
  • Average years between collisions.

According to Allstate, Spokane is one of the top ten safest.   Other major Washington cities were reported as well:

City & Overall Ranking

Collision Likelihood Compared to National Average

Average Years Between Collisions

45.     Spokane, WA

3.3% less likely


82.     Vancouver, WA

4.9% more likely


144.   Tacoma, WA

23.9% more likely


160.   Seattle, WA

28.8% more likely


Boise, Idaho came in at #2, while Eugene, Oregon was at #10.  The worst city?  Philadelphia, PA.

Where did Tri-Cities, and Yakima finish?  After studying the report thoroughly, based upon the data available, we did not find our communities anywhere on the list.   Hmmm.