In another blow to the already suspect performance of Attorney General Eric Holder, a Michigan judge has cleared a group of citizens of all charges related to an alledged militia plot to act against the government.

US District Judge Victoria Roberts ruled that the group's hatred of the government did not constitute a conspiracy to rebel against the government. An FBI informant who had been gathering information inside the Hutaree Militia since 2008 was the cornerstone of the government's case.  This agent was gathering alledged anti-government evidence to be used against the group.

  Several members of the group had been held without bond for two years.    Authorities claimed the group was poised to set off an attack against the government, beginning with a plan to kill a police officer. But the attack never happened, and the group did not engage in any disruptive behavior.   Holder had claimed in 2010 the group was a danger and threat.  But the Michigan judge upheld the argument that speech--even if controversial and violent--does not constitute enough of a threat (without accompanying actions) to try citizens for such offenses.

  The ruling is yet another blow for Holder, who has been blistered by critics who demand his resignation of the botched Fast And Furious illegal gun running program in Mexico that ended up killing a Border Patrol Agent.