We've detailed the numerous attempts by WA Govnernor Jay Inslee to become the "greenest" state leader in U.S. history.   Now,  more from his "mentor" in D.C.

According to Glenn Beck's The Blaze website,  Obama plans to "act" on the environment without Congress - and it will likely drive up your electricity prices.

Coming Monday,  Obama will reportedly unveil details of plans he's been cooking up with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about how to deal with carbon emissions.   He claims the plans will "make good" on his pledge to cut America's carbon emissions by 17 percent by the year 2020.

Here's how he likely plans to achieve his goals according to The Blaze:

 "Unable to persuade Congress to act on climate change, Obama is turning to the Clean Air Act. The 1970s-era law has long been used to regulate pollutants like soot, mercury and lead but has only recently been applied to greenhouse gases.

Unlike with new power plants, the government can’t regulate existing plant emissions directly. Instead, the government will issue guidelines for cutting emissions, then each state will develop its own plan to meet those guidelines. If a state refuses, the EPA can create its own plan." (Bold lettering added for emphasis). 

Most of the emissions actions will be targeted at coal-fired plants, which supply about 40% of U.S. electrical power.  Fortunately, we don't rely on coal in Washington, largely on hydroelectric and some nuclear.  But the ripple effects will be felt nationally, as producers, factories and businesses will HAVE to pass on the increased costs to consumers.  It's the  only way they can stay in business.

While Obama uses the EPA as his environmental bully (besides his pen, phone and Executive Orders)   his "clone" in Washington state is starting to do the same.

Unable to push through his controversial policies, and being stymied by the GOP-controlled State Senate,  Inslee has admitted he will use an Executive Order to implement low-carbon fuel standards that numerous economists say will drive up our fuel prices anywhere from $1.00 to $1.17 per gallon.   And this is regardless of the consequences.   Inslee is also hinting at creating a "cap-and-trade" or carbon tax for Washington businesses, although that idea is on the back-burner to his low-carbon fuel standard scandal.   Obama tried to push through cap-and-trade but it (like in Europe) fell apart and never made it through Congress.

Inslee, like Obama, still clings to the disproven idea that a green economy can support America.  That green jobs will spur the economic sector.  It hasn't happened,  over 100 green energy firms have tanked at a tremendous cost to taxpayers.

And yet,  it appears when Inslee acts,  he's watching Obama in the mirror.