Which ear you use when talking on your cellphone says a lot about how your brain works.

Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital recently completed a study showing  which ear you use for your phone is related to whether your're left or right-handed.

70% of the people in the study used the same hand they write or perform tasks with to hold their phone, and use the same ear to listen.

People who are left-brained tend to be more analytical and logical usually hold their phone to their right ear, while those who are right-brained or more creative and intuitive use the left.   People tended to keep the same patterns, even if it became more difficult to hold the phone because they were trying to write or perform other tasks with their dominant hand.

Researchers say left or right domination has to do with the location of speech and language centers in various brains.

Ambidextrous?  The study showed only 7% of the test subjects used both ears equally when talking on a cellphone.