Talk about some gall by this gal!

CBS5 Television in Phoenix is reporting this week a medically-retired Mesa police officer has run 29 lengthy road races -including ten triathlons- despite leaving the police force in 2008 for health reasons!

49-year-old Audry Glemba reportedly suffered a knee and back injury in 1995 during a Mesa Police Department training exercise.  In 2002, she was promoted to head the Dobson, AZ bicycle squad, before putting in for medical retirement in 2008.

According to CBS5,  Glemba finished those 29 running events over the 14-year-span since her initial injury!   According to the television station:

"CBS 5 Investigates learned that at the time she sought medical retirement, Glemba was under investigation by the internal affairs division.

"This investigation went from 2007 to 2008 when it ultimately ended," said Detective Steve Berry of the Mesa Police Department. The 2007 internal affairs investigation revealed Glemba and members of the squad she supervised were taking photos of themselves, the homeless and disabled, which they ridiculed with disparaging and offensive remarks. "They were posting all of that various photographs on walls in different montages, and they'd make captions about who they were or what they were doing," said Berry.

The investigation ended when Glemba was fired in December of 2008.

While she appealed her termination, the local pension board approved her medical retirement, satisfied she was unable to perform the essential functions of her job.

Glemba was briefly reinstated and then retired with full benefits."

CBS5 spoke with an area physician, Dr. Jeffrey Tallet, who said he sees questionable cases all the time.  According to the television station's investigation, Glemba receives $508 a month in taxpayer money in addition to her medical retirement benefits.