Police have arrested the ex-girlfriend of the suspect in the fatal shooting of a Washington State Trooper.

Kitsap County Sherriffs have arrested a 32 year old woman for alledgely rendering assistance to 28 year old Joshua Blake, who killed himself as officers were closing in on a home where he was hiding.  Blake is believed to have fatally shot Trooper Tony Radulescu during a traffic stop early Thursday morning near Gorst, a small community near Bremerton WA. 

  Because Radulescu was not wearing a uniform camera, and did not have a dash camera , police do not know why the trooper pulled over Blake, or the circumstances of the shooting.  Radulescu is the 27th State Trooper to be killed in the line of duty.   The 32 year old woman, who's name was not released,  was believed to be trying to arrainge transportation or a getaway for Blake, who reportedly shot himself with a .40 caliber gun. It is being tested to see if it was the same gun used to kill the trooper.  The woman has been charged with rendering criminal assistance.   Blake was a convicted felon with a history of  antagonizing police, and once threatened to kill an officer.   At one time, he was held in the highest security area of the Walla Walla state prison, and had a history of non-compliance with parole and other requirements of release once he was out of jail.