Following the tragic death of US Border Patrol Agent  Brian Terry December 14th, an investigation has revealed Terry fired bean bags at his attackers before being shot to death by a round from one of the suspect aliens-who was using a REAL bullet.  Why were the US agents firing "bean bags?"

It seems our esteemed HSA, who oversees the Border Patrol, believes US agents should attempt to stop these aliens/drug dealers with "less than lethal force" by using non-lethal bean bag rounds.  I recall seeing a show on TV not long ago about a sword weilding man in Seattle who was shot numerous times with bean bag rounds, and it didn't faze him a bit.  According to an investigation by the FBI and politicians on behalf of Terry's family and others, BORTAC or Border Patrol Tactical Units (the Patrol's equivalent of Special Forces units) have been ordered to deploy such bean bag rounds--even when shot at by such weapons as AK-47 assault rifles!   Many front line Border Patrol agents, and some commanders, are questioning why these elite tactical units even carry such bean bag rounds. 

   According to the FBI investigation,  the move was a  cave-in to the Mexican government, after a rock throwing Mexican boy was killed last June in the El Paso-Juarez area.  Mexican officials pressured US officials to force the tactical teams to carry the bean bag rounds.   And now,  believes Terry's family, he is dead because of this error in judgement.