Folks probably get tired of hearing this, but your vote literally counts. In this case, it could actually make the difference between Benton City allowing pot shops and marijuana business...and not!

As of Thursday afternoon, Benton County auditor vote counters said the difference between the measure passing, and failing was 14 votes. The Marijuana Business Proposition was 378 in favor and 364 against, with an estimated 30,000 plus ballots still to be counted.

Now, not all ballots will include this, it's only for Benton City residents. But as you can imagine, it's v-e-r-y close! To think that the number of folks who make up your city block could decide such an important hot-button issue is remarkable.

Also, the West Richland Library Levy lift that would finance library services had a 73-vote lead as well.

So the next time somebody whines that their vote doesn't count, remind them of this.