The Better Business Bureau nationally, and locally, is warning businesses about a new phishing email scam, using fake emails from the BBB.

The Spokane area regional office and Tri Cities area have also been affected.  Hundreds of fake emails have been sent in volume to businesses--whether they are a BBB member or not.   The Bureau is urging anyone who receives them not to open any attatchments, respond to email, or take any action from the bogus emails.   They apparently are coming from an overseas crime ring, as the BBB put it, and they are working with Federal authorities in an effort to stop it.

 The Better Business Bureau assures members their records and computer accounts have NOT been hacked, this is simply an email, or phishing, attempt using a copied BBB logo to attempt to extract sensitive information from clients. You may have received emails even if you're not a business owner.  If it WERE a legitimate email, it would have had the person's name followed by  Also look for mispellings in the email, and requests for personal information.  

 You may also forward any of these suspicious emails to: