We hear of people engaging in quack medicine from time to time, but this guy was pretending to be a doctor!

The Washington State Department of Health and Pierce County Superior Court have issued and order telling an Eatonville, WA man to immediately stop his fraudulent practice.

Sung Min Im, whose age was not given, has been in trouble before with state officials.  He has been operating a medical practice in Eatonville under the name of "The Cleansing Way Seminar Inc," and "The Cleansing Way LLC".   He previously received a cease-and-desist from the state in 2005, but in 2012 the state received another complaint.

After a thorough investigation, Im was discovered to have resumed his "practice."   He allegedly told patients they should stop taking any pain medications they may have been prescribed, and told cancer patients NOT to seek medical treatment.  Instead, according to the Department of Health:

(Im) treated them with juices, herbs, prayer, honey and salt mixtures.

He is also accused of passing himself off as a medical doctor, and the collection of confidential medical information from patients.  No mention was made if any diagnosis he made resulted in serious injury or death to any persons.   It is likely if he tries to resume his "practice" again, he will likely be arrested!