This guy nabbed a car less than two hours after being released from the Benton County jail.

And to think some people still believe criminals can be rehabilitated.   Kennewick police report Sunday morning a suspected gang member made off with a vehicle shortly before 9am.

Police were called to an apartment complex on West 10th Ave. around 8:45am when the victim's mother heard her son's car start outside in the parking lot.   The suspect, 24-year-old Marcos Montiel, Jr, of Sunnyside, reportedly drove off in the 1997 Honda Civic and was spotted near 10th and Kellogg by a patrol unit.

The suspect fled from officers until he drove into a dead-end street on 12th Ave. just off Columbia Center Blvd.   He was captured without incident and no damage was sustained by the vehicle.    He had been released from the Benton County jail on an unrelated charge two hours prior to stealing the car.

He is now facing charges for Auto Theft, Eluding, and Driving with A Suspended License.   Police later discovered the Honda's ignition switch was disabled and the car could be started without a key.