The plot has thickened concerning the 13 men wearing camouflage and carrying an assault rife on a Portland bridge Wednesday.

Thursday we told you the group was detained and two of them charged with disturbing the peace for a stunt on the Burnside Bridge. The men alarmed motorists after two of them showed up in a jeep with an assault rifle.

They went on to tell authorities they were there for a photo-calendar shoot for a cause called "Beards For Breast Cancer."

Newstalk 870, after a lengthy Internet search, did find a group by that name based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. However, today we received a very cordial email from Chris Bonanne, the co-founder of that group in the Mid-West. Chris informed us that while there are groups using similar names for similar causes (fighting breast cancer) these men are NOT affiliated with that group.

Chris also included information and links for groups with similar names plus Facebook pages of organizations that are fighting breast cancer using names such as "beards for breasts." Men in these groups grow a beard to show support and raise pledge money to raise money for breast cancer research.

There has been little followup on what specific organization the men were involved with and no details about for whom they were doing the alleged photo shoot, but we have learned this morning that two of the 13 men (29-year-old Anthony Quayle and 35-year-old John Walterich) were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm. The assault rifle seen by motorists was a .223 rifle. Police also said one of the men was wearing body armor. 

It could very well be the men were doing their own effort to raise money to fight breast cancer, or are working with a local or regional group. What has alarmed authorities - and the numerous drivers who called 9-1-1 to report the men, is that they apparently didn't tell anyone they were going to put on military style uniforms,  gather on a bridge, and have two members show up in body armor carrying an assault rifle. Sometimes, what sounds like a great idea needs to be thought through a few times before actually doing it!

We will continue to follow this puzzling but fascinating story!