Leave it to the British Press of all people to call the shots on US political happenings.

If you regularly follow the British Press (NOT the tabloids), especially via Drudge,  you get the idea you wish our mainstream media would call things as they are.  The British paper The Mail Online, from the London Daily Mail,  launched into a scathing tirade of Obama's pending 17 day Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  While the Obama family will foot the bill for his half month stay (probably 35k) in a beach house, taxpayers will foot the bill for travel and security.   This trip, by the time it's over, will cost the US taxpayers nearly one million dollars; about the same tab as his 11 junkett to Martha's Vineyard earlier this year.  While nobody begrudges a vacation for a President, given the current economic state, pundits are saying (again!) this reminds many of the French Governement prior to the revolution and the 'let them eat cake' attitude.