You may have heard about the "drive-by" shooting near the White House last Friday...and a suspect has been identified.

Police say 21 year old Oscar Ramino Ortega of Idaho, who has an extensive history of drug abuse and involvement, mental illness and violence is believed to the shooter. There is NO evidence to strongly tie him to any particular political movement.  Police say, according to information from The Washington Times, he may have acquired a fixation on the White House. Last Friday shots were reported fired from an AK-47, and two vehicles seen speeding away from the area.   Tuesday, a bullet was recovered from near the White House, and it was confirmed that one hit an exterior window of the building, but was stopped by what is called ballistic glass. The reports do not say what part of the White house was specifically struck. Police do not know if Ortega is capable of launching a sophisticated attack on the White House, but due to his unstable background, are fearful of what he might do next.   Courtesy of The Blaze, here is a picture of the suspect: