In a case that has shocked citizens across the Portland OR area as well as the Pacific Northwest,  burglars ransacking a home dumped the ashes of a baby who died of SIDS.

Barney and Katie Grant reported to police their home had been broken into May 9, torn apart, and guns, electronics, a laptop computer and safe were taken.  The two burglars also stole a small urn containing the ashes of the couple's infant son Luke, who had died in 2010 from SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, dumped the ashes and attempted to sell the piece of pottery!

The thieves also stole a flip camera that contained the only home video the parents had of their son,  who died when he was 6 months old.   27 year old Shawn Johnson of Newburg, OR, and 34 year old Crystal Castillo of Tigard, OR, have been arrested in connection with the break-in.  Washington County Sheriffs report the camera and other items taken are still missing,  and no information was released about whether the burglars were still in possession of any of the items.  A reward has been issued for return of the flip camera containing their son's only videos.