A Las Vegas cab driver has done the right thing over a huge pile of money he found.

Adam Woldemarim, who drives a cab in Vegas to make ends meet, was cleaning his vehicle when he noticed a laptop case stuffed between the seats. After checking inside, he found it stuffed with over $221,000! The money had been won by an unidentified man at the Wynn, but he had left it in the cab on his way to the airport!

Woldemarin contacted several people whom he knew had been in the cab, and when they said the money was not theirs,  he notified authorities.  Police were able to trace the money back to the rightful owner, who gave $2,000 of it to the honest driver. Woldemarim, who is an Ethiopian immigrant, was thrilled but his best friend was the one who sounded ungrateful.   He said he felt the man should have left a bigger chunk to the honest cab driver. Would you return a large sum of money if found? Take our poll!