Detroit Police are combing the city for leads and information trying to break up what is believed to be a ring of robbers who have hit gas stations lately. The group of men have hit 11 different stations in a two-week period and recently robbed six businesses in just one hour! The men are described as black, in their 20s, wearing dark clothing and armed with AK-47 rifles.

They usually swoop in on a gas station, cover their faces, and with military-like precision rob the station of whatever cash they can get. One British Petroleum station in the area was able to thwart a robbery when the clerk happened to see the men on a surveillance camera behind the store.

After seeing the men with guns leave their car, he was able to lock the front door and call police. The robbers, upon finding the door locked, quickly fled and didn't try to shoot their way in. No one has been harmed by the robbers, but police say it's the biggest organized robbery ring they have seen in years.