Authorities say the vehicle was empty, but sitting on it's top on the railroad tracks! (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)

Our news partner, KNDU-TV, has been following the bizarre story of a vehicle that was hit by a train near Prosser this morning.   A Burlington Northern Santa Fe train struck the vehicle, believed to be a Ford Exporer, around 5am this morning near Lee and Wine Country Roads near  Prosser.

KNDU says a BNSF worker said the vehicle appeared to be on it's top, sitting on the tracks, when it was struck by the train.    Authorities feared there might have been people inside, but it was apparently empty when hit.

The strange part is  Benton County Sheriffs say this same vehicle was involved in a police chase in Richland earlier this morning.   The investigation continues, the train has resumed it's trip, and as of this report,  a tow truck had been dispatched to retrieve the damaged vehicle.

Authorities plan to search it thoroughly to determine it's owner, and for other possible evidence.  It appears the Explorer may have been purposely ditched by whoever was driving it during the Richland chase.