With Washington voters deciding this fall whether to legalize marijuana (Initiative 502),  the American Pharmacists Association says pot will increase auto accidents.A study released by the group said  driving within three hours of smoking marijuana can increase the chance of being in an accident by 92 percent. The report viewed over 49,000 people from at least nine different simulated and experimental studies and found that cannibus significantly decreased the necessary motor and cognitive skills (reaction time) necessary to drive safely.

Ironically, the federal government has been stepping up it's efforts to curb what is called 'drugged driving' with a series of programs designed to curb a recent increase.

According to government data, almost half the drivers who tested positive for marijuana in fatal car crashes between 2005-09 were under the age of 25.

Law enforcement officials in Washington state fear that legalizing marijuana will greatly increase the number of traffic accidents, the data seems to support their fears that legalizing marijuana will result in increased use by young people.