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Baby Ducks Halt Traffic Near Clearwater and Arthur in Kennewick
Thursday on Clearwater in Kennewick, traffic was briefly slowed for a family of little folks, who apparently were not aware the city just spend a ton of money putting in a new crosswalk not far from Winco Foods. Unless they were on their way to University of Oregon football practice.
Watch Out for Stolen Pets For Sale Online, Tri-Cities!
If you skim the classifieds looking for that dream dog, just make sure Fido wasn't stolen first.
It's a scary trend in the Tri-Cities lately, where dogs get stolen by "flippers" who turn around and sell the dogs for profit.
Local Man Found With 50 Dogs
Animal shelters from around the Mid Columbia (as far away as Pendleton) were called upon to help process a portion of 50 dogs found on a Yakima Valley man's property.

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