More Tri-Cities RadioShack Locations Closing
After having a liquidation sale for months, the RadioShack located on George Washington Way in Richland is now hanging a going-out-of-business sign.
After RadioShack applied for bankruptcy back in March, the writing was on the wall for these small shops...
Best Place for Walla Walla Homless Camp? Next To Police Station!
All over the Pacific Northwest we've been hearing about issues involving homeless camps, especially in Seattle (The Jungle) and Portland. It's spreading to other areas. It's not necessarily with the homeless themselves, but unfortunately the criminal element that acts like a weed in t…
Safest Cars For Teen Drivers? The Bigger the Better Say Experts
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the safest cars for teens are bigger and heavier. You've heard in all those car ads about a vehicle being an IIHS Safety pick? They're the group that rates safety and survival chances by crash testing. It's time for the 2…
Feds Declare 13 WA Counties Disaster Areas Due to Harsh Winter
Gov. Inslee's office announced Friday the Trump Administration has granted a disaster declaration for 13 Washington state counties, due to the damage caused by the harsh winter, excessive snow, followed by rain, melting runoff and other other factors that caused hundreds of millions in damages.

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