Joan Rivers, 81, Is Dead
Comedian Joan Rivers died today at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. She was in a medically-induced coma. She lost consciousness last week while undergoing a vocal chords treatment. She was rushed to intensive care and never recovered.
Famous Musicians You Didn’t Know Are From Washington!
We were talking about one of my favorite musicians who I found out lives near Troutdale on the Columbia Gorge. That prompted me to look up whatever famous musicians live around the Northwest and I couldn't believe the number and variety who call Washington home!
See the Kids From ‘The Sandlot’ Then and Now
In his review of 'The Sandlot,' Roger Ebert called the 1993 comedy "the summertime version of 'A Christmas Story.'  The venerable critic was certainly onto something there, as both movies take nostalgic looks back at more innocent times and each rely heavily on the …

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