Why Does Tony Romo Get A $64.11 Bonus?
I know, I know, March Madness is all the rage, but my bracket is already way busted so back to what is still king 24/7 for America's sports fans, the NFL....and America's Team (?!?) the Dallas Cowboys.
Tony Romo got a meager $64.11 bonus from the Dallas Cowboys this year...
Star Wars 8 – Luke’s First Words To Rey
Disney shareholders were presented a few moments of footage from the new "Star Wars - The Last Jedi", the 8th movie in the franchise opening mid-December this year.
In a series of tweets one man shared what he saw including Luke Skywalker first asking Rey, "who are you&…
Walla Walla Wines are Headed to the Oscars!
Hollywood's biggest weekend is about to get a taste of the Great Northwest! Two Walla Walla wineries are headed to La La Land to be poured at an official Academy Awards function. Ashley Trout of March Cellars and Vital Wines is headed to LA and will be pouring at an Oscars event...

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