I Bet You Haven’t Seen More Than One Oscar Movie
The Oscar nominations are out! And as I scrolled through them this morning, I realized I really haven't seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture. Maybe it's just me, and the movies I saw this year weren't in the Oscar ranking (except for maybe sound, editing, and/or costumes),…
Are You Going to Watch the Inauguration? [POLL]
Today is President Barack Obama's last day as the leader of the United States of America. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as our 45th President. As, you know, the President is welcomed in with ceremony, tradition, and of course, an awesome party...
65 Celebrities You Maybe Forgot ALSO Died in 2016
We're all shocked by the tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just hours after her daughter Carrie Fisher. And that was just after we learned of George Michael's passing! Well, it's a long list and there's no way to include everybody who meant something to somebody, but here are some…
Mid Columbia People With Extremely Famous Relatives
We frequently read about Hope Solo's family in town, and formerly we read a lot about Sarah Palin's relatives. The media is respecting Mad Dog James Mattis' mom's privacy, but she's here in town. Who else has ties to the area? Let's compile a master list!

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