Mid Columbia People With Extremely Famous Relatives
We frequently read about Hope Solo's family in town, and formerly we read a lot about Sarah Palin's relatives. The media is respecting Mad Dog James Mattis' mom's privacy, but she's here in town. Who else has ties to the area? Let's compile a master list!
Richland Man Could Be Next Secretary of Defense!
If you don't know his name, note it now. Retired General James Mattis is a local hero. A graduate of Columbia High School (now Richland High School), Gen. Mattis grew up to have a successful military career finally becoming the leader of all Marine operations in the Middle East until retiring i…
10 Celebrities You Forgot Are From Washington State
Kurt Cobain, Hope Solo and Bill Gates top the list of famous people from Washington state, but there are literally hundreds of famous and accomplished people who call the Evergreen State home. Here are just 10 that continue to surprise us every time we remember...

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