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Tri-Cities Has It’s Very Own Antique Dining Car!
I have lived in the Tri-Cities for 17 years of my life and I never knew that Richland has the one and only antique dining car in the area! It's called Monterosso's and it's on Lee Boulevard. It's an Italian restaurant, I went with my sister to try out their food last Monday and I…
People Waited 16 Hours for Panera Bread to Open in Richland
Panera serves bread.
Panera serves sandwiches and soup.
Panera serves salads and pasta.
I've never had Panera.
I hear Panera is good.
But 16 hours is two full work days, or a good 12 hour shift and a half night of drinkin'.
Either way, if I'm gonna stand in line for 16 hours for something, …
Need a Turkey Leftover Break? Visit Tri-Teriyaki in West Richland!
This is not a sponsored ad and I never introduced myself as a member of the media or otherwise.
It's crazy to think that I've lived in West Richland for five years and never knew Tri-Teriyaki was just a few miles from my house. I really never traveled down that stretch of Van Giesen..…
Where to Get a Deep Fried Turkey in Tri-Cities Last Minute
In case you can't or don't want to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving and think you might be out of options, think again!
You can get a deep fried cajun turkey with all the fixings at KFC right now. I even called the KFC in Kennewick to confirm...

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