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New Nail Polish Can Prevent Date Rape
Too bad this wasn't available early in Bill Cosby's run.
A woman called the cops when her drink changed color after she dipped her fingernail in it. The nail polish was treated with a solution that changed the color of her drink when it came into contact with a roofie or other date rape dru…
Women Working Out Wednesday – 1940 [VIDEO]
Smile! Your machine is working out for you! I wonder how long it took to realize this just doesn't work. "C'mon ladies, the camera's look fantastic already and we know this is killing you, but try and be happy, huh?"  Does anyone know if this EVER…
Seahawks Mascot Blitz In Yakima April 26th
Hey quick, whatta ya call a mash-up between the current Seahawks mascot and a former franchise legend at QB?
Dave Krieg won't be there, but Blitz certainly will! Get your Blitz on as the Seahawks mascot is coming to Yakima April 26th...
Oregon Mulls Lessening Sentences for Drug Offenses
Oregon lawmakers are attempting to lessen the penalty for people found with small amounts of certain drugs.
All involved are attempting to come to a compromise, but the sheriffs department, district attorneys, and even the American Civil Liberties Union all have different ideas of how they …

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