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Drug Needle Exchange Center to Open Soon in Pasco
It will be the first, and only one, of it's kind in the community.
Tuesday night Franklin County Commissioners voted in favor of launching the needle exchange program, which will be operated out of the Benton Franklin Health District's Pasco facility...
Bill to Raise WA Tobacco Age to 21 Fails in Legislature
For years, legislators have been pressured by different groups to find a way to raise the smoking (tobacco) age in Washington state to 21.
This year, with a slight shift in the Senate, with Democrats holding a one-vote margin, it was thought it might finally pass...
Daylight Savings Time Is Coming Up, But Is It Really Helpful?
A very important reminder for everyone: Daylight Saving Time is on March 11th, so make sure you turn your clocks an hour ahead! But here is the real question: is it helpful?
A man by the name of George Hudson came up with the idea for Daylight Saving Time in 1895, and it was in 1918 when the United S…

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