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Know Difference Between Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Especially with temps climbing into triple digits, you need to know the signs your body is getting too hot. Many of us have children who play sports in the spring and summer, and it's important to safeguard them.  Even doing yard work, we can be prone.
Why Are Playground Toys Disappearing in Pendleton?
Whether it's the bottom-feeder scumbag attorney ads we see on TV, urging people to sue over every little physical or societal issue, or right in our backyard, we're seeing more and more effects of a politically correct, lawsuit happy society.
How Accurate Are FitBit Heart Rate Trackers? Study Claims Issues
There's already been a class action lawsuit filed against the company that makes the popular FitBit Heart Rate trackers, claiming they're inaccurate in calculating heart rates of consumers who wear them. The FitBit is designed to allow the wearer to see what their heart rate is throughout the day du…

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