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Long-Time Tri-City Legislator Haler Will Not Seek Re-Election
After 14 years in Olympia, which follows a long history of serving in Richland City Government, 8th District Rep Larry Haler has announced he will not be seeking re-election.
Haler called it the "privilege of a lifetime" serving the district, but felt it was time to step down...
State Democratic House Budget Calls for Capital Gains Tax
With ten days left in the 2018 legislative session, both the State Senate and House have released their proposed budgets for the next two years.
While the Senate proposal does not call for new taxes, the House one brings up a controversial tax that has been defeated in the past...
She has FIVE Warrants, Help Pasco Police Find Her!
Pasco police are searching for this rather 'easily identifiable' suspect, seems she's on the hook for at least five outstanding issues.
38-year-old Hailie Marie Devore is being sought on these charges, She stands about 5 5" tall. Anyone with any information is asked to call Pa…
Driver Chased by Police Many Times Nearly Nabbed (AGAIN)
There have been numerous stories over the last month about this guy, who's been involved in a number of high speed chases with police. Three high speed pursuits in the last week, this time police got his girlfriend.
Around 2am Sunday morning, near 7th and Morain, a Honda that police knew was ass…

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