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Big Gravel Trailer Goes for Swim in Kennewick Canal
Tuesday afternoon, Kennewick police responded to an unusual type of crash,  huge trailer loaded with gravel vs. an irrigation canal.
Authorities say the large landscape dump trailer loaded with decorating rock detatched itself from the truck pulling it, and ended up in the main canal near 52nd a…
Toyota Center to Get Improvements for Hockey, Events
After Kennewick voters shot down (for the second time) the ambitious Link Project, Kennewick and Tri-City Americans officials stress the hockey team isn't going anywhere.
Kennewick voters downed the project, which would have used a sales tax to refurbish and remodel most of the aging Toyota Center, a…
Cougar Sighted Between Benton City, Prosser by I-82
Monday morning, a Benton County Sheriff's employee was driving Eastbound on I-82 when they saw what clearly appeared to be a Cougar running south across the Interstate. It kept going, crossing Jacobs road which borders the Interstate.
The animal was sighted around 6;40am, near Milepost 98, which…

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