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Seattle To Vote on Controversial Head Tax on Amazon, Others
The rest of the country will be watching Seattle Monday, as the City Council is set to vote on a controversial head tax that would require companies who gross $20 million or more in annual profits to pay $275 a year per worker.
This head tax has been scaled back from the original proposal of $500...
Expect Expensive Summer Vacations, Gas Prices Rising
For the first time since 2014, average gas prices in Washington state have topped $3 per gallon.
According to, the average price in our state is $3.24 a gallon. Most western states are paying higher prices, while some southeastern states are still in the mid $2...
Attorney General Sues Over Rolling Back Fuel Mileage Standards
After some 44 years of increasing demands for miles per gallon, the Trump Administration and EPA are rolling back what are called CAFE standards, because the most recent goals are deemed unreachable by many auto makers. The new standards would require cars and light-duty trucks-vans to achieve 54 mp…

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