Initiative That Would Overturn Transgender Bathroom Laws Withdrawn
In a late breaking story Friday afternoon, the Washington Secretary of State's office announced supporters of I-552 have withdrawn their efforts to get it on the November ballot. I-552,  best known as the Just Want Privacy campaign, would have repealed or overturned the controversial trans…
Asbestos Concerns Shut Down Tapteal Apartment Fire Investigation
In the wake of the tragic fire that left 22 people or families homeless in Kennewick, now officials say concerns over possible asbestos are delaying the investigation. The building in question, Unit D, has 24 total apartment units, 22 were occupied. No one was seriously injured in the fire.
New UW Study Says $15 Minimum Wage Actually Costs Workers
In yet another example of how those who were pushing the $15 minimum wage didn't to their homework, or use business common sense, a new University of Washington study shows while workers ARE making noticeably more money, it's offset because they're getting fewer hours.
Study Says WA, Colorado Pot-Related Car Wreck Rates Rising
While stopping short of directly blaming legal weed for a noticeable increase in impaired driving car crashes, the study says there's enough of a correlation to cause them to believe pot is a factor. Before you go off disputing, consider this study came from the respected Highway Loss Data Inst…

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