State Revenue Forecast: $800 Million MORE Expected Through 2021
On the surface, it sounds good, but officials say it's no guarantee the state will be able to meet it's financial obligations.
The latest revenue forecast from the Ecomonic and Revenue Forecast Council Monday released the latest figures from incoming taxes and other sources of revenue to the State of…
Here’s Why You Had to Log Back in to Facebook Today
I started my day like any other day: woke up, hit snooze 40 times, cuddled the dog, then grabbed my phone to check in to the world. I went to see what was up on Facebook and my phone made me re-log in. Hmm... that's weird. My messenger too. Hmm...
Watch Hurricane Florence LIVE
Hurricane Florence, currently a category 2 storm, is set to bash the Carolinas and the eastern coast of the United States.

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