UW Medical Breakthrough Could Detect Ovarian Cancer at Home
There are DNA and other methods of screening for certain types of cancers, including Ovarian, which strikes at least one out of every 70 women in America.
But now, researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a home test that can perhaps even go beyond some other testing methods...
What Are Most of KPD Police Calls About? It Might Surpirse You
Shortly after releasing their July call totals, Kennewick police broke down what the calls pertained to.
Now, this is not an exact to the letter list, there are a handful of bizarre calls left out. But this gives you a general idea of why people are calling either 911 or the non-emegency dispatch...
Motorcycle Crash Kills Two Southeast of Walla Walla
Oregon State Police are reporting a tragic motorcycle crash that killed a driver and rider Friday afternoon occurred after the Harley Davidson overturned on the shoulder.
Just after 4:30pm on State Route 13, a group of riders were approaching the Joseph Canyon Viewpoint in Wallowa County OR, about 40…
Oregon Bans ALL Campfires in State Parks, Due to Fire Danger
Due to the excessively high fire danger in Oregon, Governor Brown issued a burn ban in all state parks.
According to Oregon Parks Officials:
"SALEM, Ore. -- Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is prohibiting all campfires and open flames in all state park properties effective 10 a..…

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