Benton County Car Prowls Hitting Neighborhood Hard
Benton County Sheriff's deputies are searching for at least one, possibly more suspects, in a new series of car prowls that have occurred in the Rancho Reata area. They think they have at least one suspect on camera. The prowls have occurred over the last five days during very late night, early…
Multnomah Falls Remains Closed [VIDEO]
Giant chunks of basalt are falling off steep cliffs in the area because the moss that held them together has been burned away. Read the full story HERE.
Enjoy the beauty of what was, and will be again one day...
First Degree Murder Warrant Issued for 15 Year Old Yakima Boy
On Wednesday, October 25th, Yakima County Superior Court issued a 1st Degree Murder Warrant for 15-year-old Luis Enrique Medina-Beltran (10/7/02).
Keep in mind this picture of the suspect is at least two years old.
Medina-Beltran is wanted for the murder of Napolean Prado, who was shot and killed Tu…
Groundwater Contamination Found at Pasco Landfill
A Pasco landfill has shown evidence of smoldering waste and groundwater contamination according to the Washington Department of Ecology.
The area stores 35,000 drums of solvent, paint sludges, and cleaners, and is showing signs of contamination from leaking drums according to news reports...
Drunk Slams Parked Car, Drives 4 Blocks Missing a Wheel
A drunk driver early Wednesday morning smashed into a pair of parked cars, lost a wheel, and then continued to try and drive four blocks before stopping and abandoning the truck according to the Pasco police.
Officers found the white 2008 Chevrolet Silverado on the side of the road missing a whe…

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