Man Found Dead in Pasco Motel Room [PHOTOS]
Pasco police are investigating a possible homicide at the Tahitian Inn behind Lee's Tahitian on the corner of Lewis Street and 28th. Newstalk 870 reporter Hayden Sprenkle said the motel room was torn up. KNDU is reporting there may also have been a fire in the room and the body was found by a m…
The Craziest Fashions of Oscar Night 2013
When it comes to taking fashion risks, awards shows are the ideal time to just buck up and go for it. There are like, millions of people watching, after all. That being said, it does take a whole 'lotta guts to ere on the side of crazy couture, but this year's Oscars were bound to have som…
Sexy Murder Trials – Most Famous Cases From History
People are murdered every day! Why do certain trials catch national media attention and others don't? Maybe we'll never know, but the famous ones seem to have the same elements in common: the murderer, or the victim, or both, are attractive. Here are some top examples from history:

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