Best Christmas Movies to Watch the Day After Thanksgiving!
The turkey has been carved. The stuffing has been stuffed in to Tupperware containers. Black Friday has been conquered. And now you're sitting on the couch in a post-Thanksgiving haze wondering what to do with your life. I have you covered. DO NOTHING, but watch these fantastic Christmas movies…
New Temporary Pot Ban Enacted in Benton County
Likely fueled heavily by a torrent of complaints and public comments from people who live near pot farms and stores, Benton County commissioners have placed a six month temporary ban on all new pot business developments, at least in the Finley area.
Little Debbie Announces Plans to Eliminate One Classic Snack
Little Debbie has started an internet freak-out by posting one phrase and a picture on their twitter account. If your a fan, they want you to comment on the original Twitter post I have stuck just below for you to find.
Which one? pic...
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