Dawn of Distracted Driving Crackdown
Distracted driving is as bad as it's ever been and it's only going to get worse.
But in Washington state, Olympia is about to get tough.
Distracted driving legislation has cleared the state House in Olympia and now it's on to the state Senate where it's sure to undergo a few tweaks…
Washington State Parks FREE This Saturday
Weekend forecast looks like a day at any Washington State Park is a done deal and if it's free, it's me.
Quick, tell a friend, Saturday April 15th for Spring Day and then again on Earth Day, April 22nd, a Discover Pass in NOT needed to visit any Washington State Park...
Fly Fly Fly Away to London From Seattle $200. Really.
Warm up the Dreamliner, honey, my chair in the sky just got bigger, more comfortable and a lot more price possible. Norwegian Air is offering non-stop service from Seattle and Denver to London.
And to say we're here to stay, Norwegian Air is offering coach fares from Seattle to London for $199..…
Amtrak Subsidy Cuts Could End Rail Service To-From Pasco
Amtrak, the government run railroad, has rarely ever operated in the black, and it's subsidies are among the cuts proposed in President Trump's America First budget just released this week. If they go through, train service to and from Pasco would likely be cut.
Backyard ‘Ghost Town’ For Sale in Milton-Freewater Is WILD… West!
Are you a fan of Westworld or western movies? There's this house up for sale in Milton-Freewater that might be worth the trip down. When you initially pull up, it might not seem like much. At less than $120,000, it costs less than a lot of Tri-Cities homes. Why are we drooling over it? We&…
Coolest Aerial World Pictures EVER
"With the birds I'll share this lonely view"
---  "Scar Tissue" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
After looking at this gallery I believe I'm in need of re-defining my Bucket List.
My favorites are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vietnam, the Waterfalls and the sheer sta…

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