Fatal Crash Closes Highway Near Walla Walla
A Monday morning crash involving at least four vehicles has closed Highway 125 near Walla Walla.
The Highway runs through Walla Walla and over the border into Oregon, the accident reportedly occurred just South of College Place around 9am.
Driver Falls Sleep Behind Wheel, Rolls Car [VIDEO]
Kennewick police say Thursday evening a man who'd been working long hours this week nodded off behind the wheel and crashed, tipping his car on his side, from the looks of the police report.
Authorities did not say where the accident occurred, but said it highlights the dangers of drowsy driving…
Last Minute Adventure? Go Dig Up a Woolly Mammoth!
If you're looking for some fun this pre-fair weekend, why not try this?
For several years now, scientists have been carefully moving dirt and extracting the remains of a mammoth that was found in Coyote Canyon.
This coming Saturday, you can join in the observing...

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